The Diamond Theory Story

Diamond Theory is a British Company based in the North-West. We started our journey in 2019 to produce the best muscle fit clothing in the world. We spent 2 years studying muscle bellies, body contour, insertions and movement, developing garments that accommodate real muscle and mass.

As athletes, we understand the reality of finding clothes that truly fit and show the thousands of hours we’ve committed to the gym, without compromising on movement and comfort is next to impossible. Anyone can make a tight and stretchy shirt, but this is a shirt that has been developed from scratch, purely for muscle and mass.

Whether you’re an Aesthetic God chasing proportions or a Mass Monster chasing records, we have you covered. These are real clothes, made with real quality fabrics, made for real athletes. 

What we have produced is a new standard. You’ve dedicated years to training and diet and made numerous sacrifices along the way to achieve your absolute best. It is only right that as a company devoted to athletes, we did the same. We spent years dedicated to making shirts that are true muscle fit.

We searched around the world for the best manufacturing and best fabrics and looked to partner with someone who understands our mission. On numerous occasions we were told that this couldn’t be done as our vision is too extreme. But through perseverance and dedication we found a partner worthy of the cause. Our manufacturing partner is led by a man who has committed his life to training and fitness, so he saw and understood the vision.

Our garments are made in Turkey. Turkey is the world capital when it comes to quality clothing.

Our mantra is Dirty Hands, Clean Shirt. We work hard, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty, but we will always smile while we do it, no matter how much pain we might be in. This is our competitive mindset which shines through in our products.