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Paradox Jersey




Engineered for Athletes Only From The Ground Up. Go Earn It.


30-Day Hassle Free Return Period for Your Peace of Mind.


The World's Best Tailoring for The World's Best Athletes


- Paradox Paisley Men's Training Jersey
- Black with Paradox Paisley Print Linings
- Short Sleeve Training Fit

    We challenge you to find a better fitting t-shirt.

    We have designed the perfect cut to accommodate real muscle. What does that mean? It means this t-shirt will fit broad shoulders and big backs. This is not a training jersey for your average gym-goer - this is a jersey for true athletes that carry true muscle.

    The Diamond Theory Cut

    Put simply, there is no other jersey on the planet that is cut like this. The Diamond Theory cut was the result of over 3 years of research a development. Years spent studying muscle bellies, body contour, insertions and movement, in order to develop garments that truly accommodate real muscle and mass. Tens of thousands of gym hours go in to developing your body, so the same should have went in to developing your clothes to help show it off.


    The lightweight fabric gives comfort that is second to none. The vented sides help wick away sweat, keeping you cool as your train. The fabric is flexible and quick drying, meaning no matter how big a pump you get, or how much sweat pours off you, you’re never uncomfortable. On top of all that, you will look amazing.

    Earn The Shirt.

    We can't say it enough: Diamond Theory Clothes are not for the average gym-goer. Our shirts, hoodies and jerseys have been engineered from the ground up specifically for athletes and committed fitness enthusiasts who carry real muscle and mass. Before you order, please make sure you measure yourself and choose your size according to the size guide. Take your chest measurement and your waist measurement. No need to order a size down for a tighter fit, no need to guess - your hard work was done in the gym, so we've made it as easy as possible you to find what we believe to be the best fitting shirt on the market. After all, we'd hate for you to suffer the embarrassment of a realisation that you have not yet earned your shirt.

    Athletes only. Earn the Shirt.


    The Diamond Theory cut is like no other on earth - our own proprietary cut that took over 3 years of research and development. Our clothes are not for the average Joe. They are not for your newbie gains. Our clothing was specifically designed and engineered for true athletes. It's for this reason we urge you to check our size guide and measure up - we'd hate for you to suffer the embarrassment of a realisation that you have not yet earned your shirt. Muscle Fit Size Guide Mass Fit Size Guide